A Mid-Century Eichler Home Gets Respectfully Updated for 21st Century

By | 4 December, 2023

Nestled among the suburban sprawl of California, Eichler homes represent a unique mid-century style of architecture, bringing modernist design into the homes of everyday people. As these homes become increasingly valuable, they are often subject to remodels that slowly strip away their signature features. One family, however, has refused to sacrifice the charm of their mid-century Eichler home by undertaking a thoughtful renovation that preserves the original character of the home while updating it for modern times.
A Mid-Century Eichler Home Gets Respectfully Updated for 21st Century

1. Restoring a Mid-Century Eichler Home

When it comes to , there are a few things that need to be taken into consideration. From bringing in natural light to maintaining the architectural details, here are the best ways to preserve a home’s original charm and character:

  • Ensure Plenty of Natural Light: Consider installing bigger windows and skylights to bring more light into the home and create a modern and airy feel.
  • Stay Attuned to the Home’s Original Design Aesthetic: When making renovations, maintain the vintage character by mixing traditional elements with modern designs.
  • Be Careful With Roofing: If repairing or replacing roofs, try to ascertain the original material and match as closely as possible.

Moreover, always make an informed decision when selecting materials. Pay attention to the details of the structure and use of color, texture, and finishes to bring out the beauty of the Eichler home. When it comes to the outdoor elements, such as decks and fences, it is better to use raw materials that will not dominate the home’s style.

2. Honoring a Classic Architectural Style

The classical architectural style is a beautiful one, full of intricate details and symbolism. It’s no surprise that this style has been adored over the centuries—and its popularity shows no sign of waning.

Take a stroll past a building that honors the classical style, and you’ll be amazed at its signature columns, curved shapes, and statues of mythical creatures. Every element has a specific purpose in mind, and each different tool used in building is symbolic of:

  • Power – Columns that reach high into the sky can signify stature.
  • Infinity – Rounded arches draw the eye, representing eternity.
  • Beauty – Classical-style statues create a visually appealing landscape, full of intricate details.

Classical architecture has been a timeless style, truly standing the test of time. Honour it for its beauty and symbolism, and consider paying homage to it in your own home.

2. Honoring a Classic Architectural Style

3. Preparing a Home for 21st Century Living

Bringing Technology innovations

As modern life relies more and more on technology, it’s important to ensure that your home is up to date and ready for the 21st century. Invest in the latest tech products, such as a smart thermostat and connected home hubs, to create a living space that can easily adapt to your lifestyle. Setting up a reliable WiFi connection is a must and can be done with the help of a professional. Also, consider purchasing sensors and smart lights to create a home that is intuitive and energy efficient.

Creating a Comfortable and Convenient Interior

Optimizing your home’s layout and features helps create a modern living space that caters specifically to you and your family. Refreshing your interior with a few touch-ups, like painting the walls, adding fresh decorations, and rearranging furniture will make it feel more welcoming. Equipping your home with convenient amenities, like a dedicated workspace, laundry facilities, and well-planned storage areas, will also help your family live more comfortably. Finally, think about incorporating a few contemporary details, such as a sleek kitchen countertop or geometric tiles for the bathroom.

4. Integrating Modern Design Features

The modernisation of design features can add a whole new level of dynamism and functionality to your website. By integrating modern design elements into your website, you will be able to create a more engaging and visually appealing user experience for your visitors. Here are some of the features you can integrate:

  • Responsive layout for mobile devices
  • Animations that enhance the user experience
  • Interactive elements that encourage user actions
  • Simplified navigation features for easy site navigation

These features can also be used to strengthen the overall branding of your website. By incorporating animations, interactive elements and cleaner navigation, you will be able to make your website more recognisable. Moreover, with modern design elements, you’ll be able to create a unique look and feel for your website that will make it stand out from the crowd.

5. Upgrading While Preserving Character

By taking proactive steps, you can upgrade your home and preserve its character. You don’t need complicated plans and expensive materials to achieve a classic look.

Here are just a few tips to help you start:

  • Re-use your existing furniture. Look for timeless pieces or refurbish and repaint with a more modern look.
  • Choose neutral wall colours. Pale blushes, grey shadings and earth tones can all work well.
  • Install natural materials. Woods, stone, and brick can bring a timeless beauty to the home, and can be blended easily to match your existing decor choices.
  • Showcase antiques or vintage items. An old mantel clock, a leather armchair or a Victorian tea set, a few choice pieces can give your home character.

By taking a little time and thought, you can keep the ‘personality’ of your home while giving it a fresh, new look.

6. Adding New Visual Charm to a Mid-Century Classic

Mid-century modern interior design elements can help transform the look and feel of a traditional, boring living room. By adding a few strategically-placed pieces, the furniture, artwork and lighting combine to create a classically modern atmosphere.

  • Choose a signature piece – Pick a classic piece of furniture, like an armchair or daybed, and use it as the bare bones of the style. Choose a piece that speaks to the era you’re trying to recreate, but one that still fits the room’s overall design.
  • Layer vintage accessories – Add visual interest with vintage pieces like floor lamps or wall sconces. A mid-century modern look really pops when it’s accessorized with treasures made in that era. Choose items with appeal and an interesting story.
  • Update with modern elements – To make the space feel current, introduce modern furniture, artwork, wallpapers and light fixtures. You can even add pops of modern color to really make the stylized look come alive.

Review the collected items you want to include in the design to make sure you achieve balance. Consider the scale and contrast from item to item, one piece shouldn’t overwhelm the space. It helps to play with the overall color palette, creating a unified look that exudes mid-century modern style without feeling like a museum. Get creative and have fun while creating the perfect mid-century classic.

The century-old Eichler home is testament to the skill of the people who built it, and a great reminder of how architecture can bring together a sense of timelessness and modernity. With the respectful updating it has received, the Eichler home stands as a bridge between the past and the present, a reminder of the beauty that comes from the preservation of history.

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