7 Ways to Get More Use Out of Your Patio or Deck

By | 4 December, 2023

Is your patio or deck becoming an underutilized part of your home? With warmer weather on the horizon, now is the perfect time to invest in your outdoor spaces and figure out how to get more out of them. From adding furniture to introducing plants, we have 7 creative ways to get more use out of your patio or deck.
7 Ways to Get More Use Out of Your Patio or Deck

1. Maximize Your Outdoor Space

Are your outdoor living spaces feeling a little cramped? Don’t despair. You don’t need to expand your property to get creative with your outdoor space. Take a look at the following tips to maximize the potential of your garden, terrace, or balcony.

  • Make use of wall space: Instead of taking up valuable floor space with more freestanding furniture, opt for wall-mounted shelves, planters, and outdoor art. Such items can not only free up floor space but also add visual interest.
  • Mix up your planting: Don’t restrict yourself to container gardening; investigate vertical gardening and plant climbers for a more expansive look. And, of course, opting for small trees or varieties which remain dwarf in size are more suitable for smaller areas.
  • Choose furniture wisely: Invest in quality pieces which are foldable or can be stored away after use. A clever lidded bench can double as a storage box when not in use.

Turning a tight corner into an expanded Garden of Eden is all about creative thinking and clever use of the available space. Try a couple of these ideas, and you’ll soon find your garden transformed into a tranquil paradise.

1. Maximize Your Outdoor Space

2. Open Up the Possibilities

It’s time to get out of our comfort zone and take a chance on something new. Life is a lot like a video game – with each move we make, we open up new possibilities and new goals. By taking a few risks, we expand our repertoire of choices and give ourselves a chance to make some unexpected outcomes.

By stepping out of our regular routine, breaking the monotony, and venturing off the beaten path, we open ourselves up to encounters and experiences that we’d never have had a chance to try before. With each endeavor we take, we inevitably create a doorway to a new set of opportunities that help us reach our goals. Who knows – a single decision can take us further than we ever imagined!

  • Become a risk taker. Challenge yourself with something new, and don’t be afraid to take a few leaps of faith. These risks will ultimately help you learn and grow.
  • Allow yourself time to grow. Give yourself an opportunity to unearth new areas of interests or to discover something new. You never know where it will lead you next!
  • Explore different ways of life. Get a taste of something different and embark on an adventure that will forever change your perspective.

2. Open Up the Possibilities

3. Get Ready to Entertain

When it’s time to host a night of entertainment, you want everything to be top-notch! Try out these steps to make sure that your night is one for the history books:

  • Organize: plans must be in place before you open the door to your guests! Think of activities that fit the mood, the people, and the space.
  • Create a fun atmosphere: brighten up the room by adding a few decorations; nothing too extravagant, but just something to make things a bit more festive!
  • Choose a great soundtrack: music sets the tone of the night, so be sure to pick songs that fit the atmosphere and everyone’s tastes.
  • Stock up on supplies: you don’t want to run out of drinks, food, or supplies for activities! Make sure your pantry and liquor cabinet are stocked up and ready to go.

Finally, relax and enjoy the moment: once all of the preparations are done, you’re ready to kick- start the night and have some fun. Enjoy your guests, the music, and make sure to take some pictures as memories of a great night.

4. Increase Your Comfort Zone

Push Your Boundaries Regularly

Living a fulfilling life means constantly seeking to expand our comfort zones. With every new challenge, we learn and grow. When we learn something new, we start to truly understand ourselves and our potential. Use this insight to create achievable goals and objectives that will push your boundaries. What could you learn to do, or try, that you’ve been too scared to do before?

Enjoy the Benefits of Growth

Growth is always rewarding, no matter how trivial or challenging it is. With every step, you will become more and more familiar with the process of confronting fears and building confidence. You can use those newfound skills to open yourself up to learning new skills that could transform your career or enhance your relationships. Here are some of the benefits of challenging your comfort zone:

  • Improved self-esteem
  • Lower stress levels
  • Greater self-awareness
  • More fulfilling relationships
  • Better understanding of your potential

The decision to push your comfort zone is a difficult one, but the rewards will be worth it. Take the time to reflect and plan what steps you can take to expand your comfort zone. Once you do, you will begin to experience the advantages of a life where you feel safe, supported and able to reach your highest goals.

5. Upcycle Your Way to Creativity

Finding new ways to create something out of what is already there can be both fun and fulfilling. Upcycling is the process of taking discarded objects and using them in creative ways to achieve something new. Here are five ideas to get your creative juices going!

  • Brew some Art – Looking for a way to repurpose the plastic containers you have lying around? Why not give mosaic art a go? All you need is a container, leftover plastic pieces from toys or even from electronic appliances, colored cement and a brush. Place the pieces on the container, cement-side out, in a pattern of your choice and use a brush to sprinkle cement through the little cuts of plastic. Allow it to dry to get a nature-inspired piece of art!
  • Reinvent the Wheel – It’s time to bring out all those old plastic wheels and give them a makeover. Hot glue cotton fabric onto the wheel and then decorate it with paint, ribbons, glitters, and more. These upcycled wheels can serve as frames for your mirrors or unique wall art in your living space.
  • Button Up a Jacket – Turn an old denim jacket into a fashion statement. Cut out some fabric to cover each button, then while the fabric is flat, poke a hole with a safety pin for the button to go through. Glue a fabric backing to cover it and flow in harmony with the backside of the button. Sew all the buttons back on the jacket for a new, modern look.
  • Out with the Old, In with the New – Reuse old clothes and fabrics to make trendy accessories like tote bags or purses. Cut the fabric in whatever shape and size you’d like to make the bag. Then stitch the sides together and add embellishments like ribbons, beads, patches, and zippers. You can also use any decorations of your choice.
  • Maximize What’s Minimal – Create something beautiful with only a few simple materials. Get crafty by making wall art with fabric scraps and glue. Make patterns of your choice with the cut-out fabric pieces. Keep adding fabric layers to your design and mix different colors and textures for a unique wall art piece.

The possibilities for upcycling are endless and it’s easy to get carried away in the process. Put your imagination to the test and make something amazing – you might be surprised at what you can create!

6. Reinvent Your Patio or Deck

If you’re looking for an effortless way to freshen up your outdoor entertaining area, why not think a littler more boldly and . With a few little tweaks and some imagination, you can quickly transform your space from plain to party-ready in an afternoon or two.

Unleash your inner decorator and try some of these ideas to make your patio or deck stand out:

  • Paint one of the walls in a classic pattern or bold colour
  • Install a chic outdoor carpet
  • Add an outdoor bar or patio furniture to your set-up
  • Tidy up the area with hanging café lights
  • Set up an outdoor fireplace for chilly mornings and evenings

Claim your outdoor area as your own and with a little preparation and effort, you’ll be able to make your deck the envy of your friends and neighbours. With dedication, creativity and some imagination, you can and create a space that reflects your style.

So there you have it—seven easy tips to help make your patio or deck not only look great, but be a more functional and inviting space for you and your family and friends. Get outside and get creative beautifying your area today!

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